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The diversified range of chemical products we offer are produced with state-of-the-art technology and are used as raw material to produce a variety of goods and services used in everyday life. With so many applications, our products help people around the globe lead cleaner, healthier, and more colourful lives.

We offer a full range of premium, high quality polyethylene products under the Muntajat-owned, Lotrene® brand to produce a diverse range of plastics for a variety of industrial and domestic applications. Our customers use Lotrene® to make everything, from bags and plastic bottles to car parts and toys.

The range of urea and ammonia products we offer are used primarily as fertilisers to produce higher-yielding crops, from staple crops like wheat and rice to fresh fruits and vegetables, feeding millions of people around the world. Our range of fertiliser products also find other applications in the chemical, healthcare and automobile industries among others.

Quality Certifications for Muntajat are not extended to the Producing Entities or MBV