By 2030, Qatar aims to be an advanced society capable of sustainable development and providing a high standard of living for all its people.

Qatar's National Vision defines the long-term outcomes for the country and provides a framework within which national strategies and implementation plans can be developed.

Economic Development
An essential part of the Qatar National Vision 2030, economic development is the engine that drives progress by providing better opportunities and a better way of life for the country's citizens.

Achieving that objective hinges on Qatar's ability to create a balance between an oil-based and a knowledge-based economy, helping diversify the country's economy and guaranteeing a stable and sustainable business environment.

Qatar National Vision 2030 will also guide the overall management of the Qatari economy, helping to increase competition, attract further investments and stimulate growth.

Social Development
Social development under the Qatar National Vision 2030 encompasses a system dedicated to social welfare and protection for all citizens, and to bolstering women's role in society and empowering them to be active community members.

Social advancement also means equal educational, employment and career opportunities for all citizens, regardless of their background or gender and a tolerant and fair society that embraces Islam's values of peace, welfare, justice and community.

Guided forward by QNV 2030, Qatar will serve as a regional and global example, playing an increasingly prominent role in the Middle East and the world.

Human Development
Qatar cannot develop its economy and society without its human capital and resources: its people.

Human development, according to the QNV 2030, entails a holistic and modern healthcare infrastructure that caters to all and an educational system at par with the highest international standards, capable of preparing Qatar's students to take on the world's challenges and become tomorrow's innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals.

Moreover, a world-class education system and equal opportunities will propel Qataris to increase their participation in all sectors of their country's economy.

Environmental Development
Sustaining long-term economic and social growth, moreover, is impossible without a holistic environmental vision that places environmental preservation for Qatar's future generations at the forefront.

Qatar National Vision 2030 aims to direct Qatar towards a balance between developmental needs and the protection of its natural environment, whether land, sea or air.

As such, QNV 2030 places an emphasis on establishing an effective legal framework and the environmental institutions that can serve as guardians of Qatar's environmental heritage.

QNV 2030 also emphasises the importance of increasing citizens' awareness of their role in protecting the country's environment for their children and the nation's future generations.